Welcome to John Hyde Barnard’s online presence. Having avoided such dystopic display, I am now compelled to present this Orwellian peacock.

The intention is to share missives, musings and stories. My propensity is to maintain a propriety of decorum and patience, along with an open mind. The goal is to entertain.

I thank you for expending valuable time on a visit to this online presence.

––J. H. Barnard

This is a photo of the Panthéon in Rome, taken from beneath the open aperture. I have always consider this building remarkable and was fortunate to have taken this photo on a recent visit. Completed in c. 125 CE, the Panthéon has withstood the test and rigors of time and still casts its spell upon entering. Michelangelo commented that the structure was “angelic and not human design.” The inscription over the entrance of the Panthéon reads “Marcus Agrippa, the son of Lucius, three times consul, built this.” ––J.H. Barnard

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